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Testimonials - Thank you

1. "I am writing to thank you so much for all your help and support over the last couple of years. I have realised how brilliant Homeopathy is. I had persistent thoughts that go round and round in my head, they are no longer there and I feel more calm and relaxed. Thank you so much for helping me find my inner self and all the positive encouragement. With your help the world is an easier place to be part of". Caroline, Reading, Berkshire, England

2. "Marianne has treated me for High Blood pressure and helped me through the pain of bereavement.
Her application of homeopathic remedies is a very effective alternative to more invasive cures and she approaches every problem in a calm caring manner". Viv Smith, Reading, Berkshire, England

3. "Dear Marianne, Thank you for your kindness, sensitivity and gentleness.
 I identify the three things that are more important to me and that was very helpful". Love, Paul, London, England

4. "So much more than I expected.
I arrived expecting a massage and leave much richer". Mary, Reading, Berkshire, England

5. "I wish I had found you earlier".
Michael, Reading, Berkshire, England

6. " Last year I suffered a mini breakdown due to a failed relationship. I was reduced from a confident, feisty 40 year old woman to a broken-hearted wreck of my former self.
With Marianne's spiritual healing, gentle guidance and heartfelt genuine life experience, I now feel like a different person. My energy is boundless, I appear to look younger and with my self-esteem at a renewed high, I have since met the man of my dreams.  There are angels and there is Marianne Ralph. Thank you."   Nicola. UK. Sept 2007

7. "Dear Marianne,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help in treating me and another member of my family.
Should you feel my comments on my treatment can be of benefit to any of your patients please feel free to pass them on. Amongst the successful treatments and perhaps the most dramatic was your treatment of my son's dislocated knee cap which was causing him terrible pain.

After a visit to our GP, who considered that it would be something in the region of 3 months before he could hope to be getting around normally on it, he decide to opt for Homeopathic treatment rather than the conventional distalgesics as prescribed by our GP. I must add that it was with the approval of the GP. He responded so rapidly that the GP was most amazed, not to mention the physiotherapist at his first appointment with her, so much in fact that he was able to be discharged, and within a period of two
weeks was able to go back to work.

My own treatment has been mainly (for menopause) varying from painful periods, joint problems, insomnia, and hot flushes. The treatment meant that I was no longer forced to take days off from work and now I feel so much better I can't thank you enough. My thanks still continue, I must mention the treatment for severe back pain, which my GP told me was an inflamed nerve at the bottom of my spine.

This was not responding to the conventional treatments of pain killers, in fact I had a most severe reaction from one of them. It was I admit in desperation that I consulted you about it, I remember being in such a state I could not sit, stand or walk properly, in fact I was almost doubled up and unable to straighten myself up when I was taken to see you. With a combination of remedies and healing, you managed to totally remove the pain and I also recovered my full mobility in my back.

I would be most happy to recommend you to anyone and would be prepared to speak to them at any time." Annie King (nee McGregor) Swindon, Wiltshire

8. "Hi Marianne, Just a note to say that homeopathy has really worked for me. Not only has it greatly reduced the sinus problems I was having, but it has also caused my asthma to disappear. I had virtually grown out of childhood asthma and had barely had to use my inhaler for about 15 years. However, a few years ago it came back unexpectedly and I was told by allopathic doctors that this was down to me not using the inhaler every day. That seemed odd to me: why spend 15 years taking drugs that you don't need? I was greatly impressed to find that, as a result of using homeopathic remedies, I went from relying on my inhaler 3 times a day to not needing it at all, almost overnight!

The other wonderful thing about your clinic has been the restoration of my hair after it started falling out. I cannot believe how quickly it has started to grow back, following your treatment. Friends and relatives who did not even know I was having the problem treated have commented out of the blue that my hair looks thicker and healthier.

Overall, homeopathy has given me the confidence to take control of my own health; I find I am much calmer and a lot less tired these days. The remedies are not just quick-fixes, they actually get to the root of the problem so that people get well and stay that way. I would recommend homeopathy to anyone, and would recommend you in particular."
All the best, and God bless.
Jo, Reading, UK

9. I felt very relaxed and was surprised how much better I felt after the treatment. The treatment also helped me in expressing greater confidence, which I did not expect. Wayne Reading, Berkshire

10. I feel the stress has reduced much, much quicker than I expected. The remedies have also worked well in the case of my children. I am feeling a lot less anxious just within a short time of having a session. Sam, Reading, Berkshire

11. I am now back to feeling well. Additionaly, I feel that my improvement is ongoing. The treatment makes everything much easier. Tom, Reading, Berkshire

12. I feel much better in mind, body and spirit and it worked quicker than expected. It was wonderful to be seeing the layers disappear. I feel so well when I suffered so many years and I did not have to. Jeannie, West Reading 2013

13. Menopause isnt a problem with homeopathy and reassurance from Marianne. I feel fitter and well-- the remedies really work! Thank you Sharon, Reading, Berkshire 2013

14. The treatment doesnt always work the way you think it will. You realise it is the remedies. It is an ongoing way to get better and better. The nutrition advice also builds you up. Raymond, Reading, Berkshire 2013

15. I met Marianne for the first time at a very low point in my life. Four months previously I developed a form of dermatitis over my eyelids. The symptoms varied from week to week. On a bad day my eye cavity would fill in with fluid stretching delicate under eye skin uncomfortably and leaving it red, hot and so itchy I would often cry in discomfort. On a good day the swelling would subside leaving folds of dry scaly tissue in its wake. Often the dryness would be so extreme that the skin of my upper eyelid would crack and form open lesions. I was also suffering from recurrent headaches and generally felt unwell.

Needless to say, the state of my health contributed to a reactive depression which made day to day life difficult to deal with. I had a full time, quite stressful job and felt that the constant struggle was becoming too much.

My doctor was unable to pin point what exactly was the issue other than pointing out that this could be a form of some unidentified allergy she has never seen before. Eye specialist was equally helpless. I refused steroids as I was concerned with the effect such a drastic treatment may have on the fragile and delicate skin of my eyelid. At this point a friend suggested researching alternative medicine and giving homeopathy a go.

I found Marianne on the web and was persuaded to make an appointment when I read that she herself was very ill in the past. Initial telephone conversation with her filled me with hope – she saw cases like mine before and reassured me that the affliction I was suffering from could be treated. As they say, the rest was history.

I started feeling better after first fortnight. Two months later I made the full recovery. The symptoms I was so anxious about never returned and my eyes are back to their sparkling selves! The skin over my eyelids healed fully and I went back to wearing make up, with some considerable relish, if I may add.

Marianne has also pulled me through two chest infections (and I didn’t take any antibiotics, which would normally be the case!) and greatly helped me reduce the symptoms of fibromyalgia and work related stress. She also treated my intermittent insomnia and recurrent headaches.

I have now been Marianne’s patient for four months. During this time I have come to know and enormously respect Marianne’s skill, professionalism and – above all – empathy and sympathy she offered me at the bleakest moments. She is also a lovely and warm person and we have had many an interesting conversation about life in general. I am profoundly grateful to her for restoring me back to health and peace, and for her kindness.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Marianne to anyone who is looking for lasting healing and to those who want to fix the source of the issue, rather than address symptoms. Thank you, Marianne! Anna K Basingstoke

All above content: Copyright Marianne Iris Ralph- may not be used without written permission.

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