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Holistic Homeopathy

I believe in using all the skills available to me. Having trained extensively, it is natural for me to ask: Why have tools which are essential for the job and then not use them? Practicing integrated medicine means that I integrate and use all the skills I have to help make you well. For instance, I will treat using a selected remedy (classical) and continue with that and only use complex (remedies combined) remedies later, to complement for supporting organs of the body or the lymphatic system. I have found that this is the quickest, most effective way to get to grips with deeper, perhaps more physical problems.

Nutritional Advice

I have a diploma in diet and nutrition. I also use muscle testing techniques (kinesiology) in assessing what foods are best for the individual. We look at your lifestyle and which diet best suits you, not making it a fad or difficult, but fun and simple and easy to keep up.

Lifestyle Coaching

I have always integrated this into my homeopathic work. Having trained in psychotherapy and looking at all aspects, including the soul's path, I incorporate coaching into my work as a way of building up self belief and confidence.

Spiritually based Counselling

I have my own beliefs in a Higher Power: A loving Creator that sustains and guides us. This is especially apparent in grief and our "troubles". Knowing this Presence is there for us always, provides the assurance of Grace, that we are safe as spiritual beings and part of a loving force. This helps us to feel more at ease in our life.

Meditative practices

I have been practising meditation for many years. This has also helped me to erase the pain of the traumas of my life. I use and teach Raja Yoga.

Indian head massage

I was one of the first to learn this 13 years ago directly from Dr. Mehta, the founder. My massages are tailored to your needs involving: Neck, back, arms and face; gentle or strong, and I can offer this service by itself or in conjunction with a general consultations to get rid of headaches, neck tension and help eyesight etc. I also have been trained by an osteopath.

Natural Divine Healing

Being a natural healer for many years, I work with pure intention.

Thai Foot Massage

I can use this massage therapy on legs, calves, feet and hands. Not the same as reflexology. It can be applied strongly or gently as in a massage for the elderly. It is very relaxing and comforting.

I have had success in treating the following:

Bowel Problems
Ear Infections
Eye Disorders
Hair Loss
Harmony in Sexual Matters
Hay fever
High Blood Pressure
Joint problems
Period Pains
Panic attacks
Reynaulds disease
Travel sickness

Holistic Homeopathy - Alternative Medicine - Reading, Berkshire, England