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I offer professional, caring, confidential treatment for the whole person.


Hello, I'm Marianne Iris Ralph.

I have been in full time practice for 18 years and continually learn new ways to help my patients. In general, people only need to come to see me three or four times as my focus upon those who come to see me is to help them to be well, to not need constant visits. However, I strongly advise those who come to my clinic to finish their course of treatment and also to perhaps see me at least once a year for a check up. Life is full of change and I highly recommend this as much as a preventative as anything else.

My life

My life for years was beset by serious illness and feeling unwell. Amongst other things I was severely asthmatic and had an allergic response to almost everything. Now, thanks in large part to homeopathy --- I am very well. Homeopathy does not just help to hide the symptoms but eventually makes you feel a whole lot better and well again! I consider homeopathy the most dynamic in this regard.

Our fullest self

How does homeopathy help? It helps by peeling back any layers of blockages we have and we are then more able to be and to express our fullest selves

My training

British School of Homeopathy trained for six years and I abide by the codes and ethics of the Society of Homeopaths. I trained in meditative yoga (Raja Yoga) and also in comedy theatre.

My aim is to be balanced in life. It is my wish to be as integrated and happy as I can be; bringing love, energy, laughter and light into what I do.
I try to exercise most days with short runs around the block. I am trained in anatomy and physiology.

I have trained with one of the finest specialists in holistic medicine. Using this knowledge I teach Energy work. 

Dr. Mehta, the founder of Indian Head Massage, taught me directly in 1998. Most recently I have added Thai Foot Massage to the services offered. I also use Kinesiology (muscle response testing) in diagnosis.
To keep abreast of developments, I regularly attend conferences.

My success

I have had much success, even in very difficult health challenges; in helping people to get better (see "Testimonials").

My wish for you

My wish for you is health, harmony and happiness,

Holistic Homeopathy - Alternative Medicine - Reading, Berkshire, England