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Marianne Iris Ralph, MBSH

Member of  ITEC  RSHom,   Member of  Society  of  Homeopaths


Phone: 0118 945 4452  Mobile: 0775 940 6319

Holistic Homeopathy

and Complementary therapy, based in Reading.

Established since 1995

We are have multiple clinic locations, please be sure to check which one is closest to you!

We offer a wide selection of complementary therapies. Professional, caring, confidential treatment for the whole person is offered. Our philosophy is to work "holistically" which is to treat the whole person and also each and every person in a very unique way, which is the guiding thought of homeopathy.

What do we do if someone comes with a symptom? We look at that, but also what else is going on in that person's body and life, as everything is related. What is going on in our minds and by extension emotionally causes 90% of our dis-ease (disease). Using a combination of homeopathy, life coaching, counselling and sometimes other hands-on-therapies we seek to restore the "ease" back into life. This we see is the person's natural state from which they operate most effectively and are most productive.

We believe that the body is designed to flow in the natural order of life, that our energy centres release the power for us all to be peaceful, vital, happy, and free in good health and harmony. Sometimes this flow, which each person automatically has, needs to be supportively restored. To feel comfortable about the treatments I offer please come
and to talk with me, without obligation, for half an hour for free-- ask any question.

To this end, our therapies and unique services are offered
with the intention of creating the healthiest you.

Yours in optimal health

Marianne Iris Ralph     Phone: 0118 945 4452  Mobile: 0775 940 6319

Holistic Homeopathy - Alternative Medicine - Reading, Berkshire, England